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This website is ultimately the product of my laziness,  or what I like to call, “more effective use of time, energy and talents”.

Summer is on it’s way and, with it, the inevitable emails asking if I know of a ukulele band that might play at a wedding, village fête, etc.

Then there is a lull and then the enquiries start to come in about Christmas and New Year parties.

There are not a lot of these enquiries but they can each take a long time to deal with. Particularly if my first suggestions do not work out and they come back asking for more ideas.

These enquiries are not national or international, just from the North East and Cumbria.

First thoughts – quick and dirty!

My first thought was to invite professional, semi-professional and “just for fun” ukulele bands and solo performers across that patch if they would be interested in being included in a very simple contacts list.

Second thoughts – a  proper directory

Then I thought, “there must be a better way to present that information” . . . like a proper “Directory”.

That reminded me that I had already looked at several “proper Directories” of musicians and entertainers.   The sort where you might expect to find some of the fantastic professional and semi-professional ukulele bands and solo performers operating in the UK!

However, very few ukulele bands and performers are listed in these directories.  It is also not always easy to find them if they are listed. You can browse some of these directories by “genre”, “instrument” or other categories. I did not find one where “ukulele” was an option.

So, I thought, “if I am going to take the time an effort do a proper directory, it might as well cover a wider area.  Not global . . . but the UK and Ireland do fit rather nicely together on the same map!”.

Action! A busy bank holiday!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When I get a bee in my bonnet there is no stopping me!

In the last couple of days I have:

  • had a think about how to make it easy for people to narrow it down when they are looking for someone to  book for their event – “geographical area covered” is an obvious one
  • drafted some ideas about the information to collect and present about each band or solo performer
  • had a think about what other content might interest bands and solo performers who want to be listed in the directory
  • bought a cracking domain name for the purpose! ukulelebands.xyz
  • and some web space
  • and identified a suitable “Directory” package to replace this simple WordPress theme.

Not quite, “all systems are GO!”  but not bad for an Easter weekend!

Will I become rich and famous?

Well, YOU might – I am not sure that I shall.

I intend this all to be:

  • free to be listed in the directory
  • free to consult the directory
  • free of irritating in-line affiliate links, automated adverts (often of dubious relevance) and hideous pop-up advertising banners and the like

So, I need to have a bit more of a think about how to generate at least enough income to cover costs – and possibly even to subsidise the cost of running the Ukes4Fun website.

I am not knowledgeable enough to write and sell glorious ukulele eBooks, like Al Wood of UkuleleHunt and Barry Maz of GotaAUkulele, for example.  But I am sure that I will think of something short of kidnap, blackmail or a range of dodgy “own brand” ukes!


This is the other website I have started to create over the weekend!

You Owe Me One beer = YOMO.beer

I seem to have morphed into a “friendly neighbourhood nerd” and a couple of people have tried to persuade me I should set up in business doing techy-advice and troubleshooting.  However, I am quite happy to leave things as they are and be bought a pint as a reward – so I have joked that I would call my business:  “YOMAP –  You Owe Me A Pint”.

After thinking about that for a bit . . . I realised that there is not any simple directory of the many and varied ways  that people can give others a small gift in cash or kind, if they are not lucky enough to be able to meet up and go for a pint together.

“YOMAP” sounded like it had to do with maps and “YOMO” is less likely to be misheard or spelled incorrectly.   Then I found out that it was possible to buy a domain name ending in “beer”!  . . . Sometimes these things are just meant to be!

. . . like yomo.beer

Maybe I will ask for donations to help fund ukulelebands.xyz – I have not decided yet.

Enough about me!
What do YOU think?

Whether you have found your way here because you are looking for a ukulele band to book for an event, or are in a band yourself, or are a solo performer, I would very much welcome your comments.

You can either:

  • leave a public comment below this post, where it says, “Leave a Reply”
  • or use this form to send me your thoughts privately.

Best wishes,

Liz Panton

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